Tips To Make Packing School Lunches Easier


There is nothing worse than running late in the morning and then desperately trying to figure out something you can put in your children’s lunch boxes. If you find yourself flustered, or end up buying school lunch because packing it seems like too much of a hassle, take a look at the tips below. They will help you get organized so fixing lunches becomes quick and easy.

Start With A List And Go Shopping
Start by sitting down with your kids and come up with a list of lunches they like. This could include sandwiches and wraps, or even homemade lunch-able, but it doesn’t have to stop there. If you add a thermos to the mix, you can suddenly pack reheated leftovers, homemade soup and the likes. The key is to find lunch foods and snacks that your kids will eat that are also easy to pack.
Make sure you have appropriate containers or ziplock bags, and then head to the grocery store to pick up everything you need for the week. Don’t forget about snacks and drinks as needed. The list should make this much easier. Once you have several different lunch ideas your kids like and will actually eat, you can simply rotate through them and make the ingredients part of your weekly shopping trips.

Prep What You Can As Soon As You Get Home
When you get home from the store, keep lunch foods out and see what you can do to prep things ahead of time. Instead of putting that bag of grapes away, go ahead and wash and store them in little bags you can grab and toss in the lunch box. The same goes for things like carrots and even salads. Slice cheese as needed and just thing about what you can prep as soon as you get home.

Pack Lunches The Night Before
I live by this tip!! Mornings are busy and not always the perfect time to have to worry about packing lunches. Try making them the night before. Try packing them after dinner at night. Get the kids involved and have them help with lunch prep and clean-up after. You can store cold items in the fridge and have everything else sitting in the lunch box ready to go. It won’t take you long to get into a rhythm of preparing lunches while you’re cleaning up after dinner. You’ll appreciate this new habit in the mornings when all you need to do is grab a couple of things from the fridge and toss them in the lunch boxes.

Get In The Habit Of Cleaning Lunch Boxes As Soon As The Kids Get Home
To make lunch prep even easier, get the kids into the habit of cleaning out their lunch box as soon as they get back from school. Even the youngest can help with this. Have them toss any uneaten food and bring the containers to the sink to be washed. Older children can easily clean their own containers, while you’ll probably have to do the washing for your youngest. Having everything clean and ready to go will make it easier to pack the new lunches later on in the day.

Stick to these tips and it won’t take you long to get into an efficient lunch packing routine that will make it a snap. Don’t forget to get the kids involved and put them in charge of much of the preparations. Not only will this make your live easier in the long run, it will give them a sense of ownership over their lunch.

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How Long To Wait For A Marriage Proposal?


I received an email from a reader that read: I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost three years. We share an apartment and have a dog together. I know that I want to be married and be with him forever but it doesn’t seem like he feels the same. Should I stick around and see if things change or just cut my losses now?

Unfortunately there really isn’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to this dilemma. That is what makes it somewhat difficult to know when to stick it out or when to walk away. However there are some indicators that can be used to gauge whether or not you’re wasting your time on a relationship that isn’t going anywhere.

To begin with, if you’re in a relationship that has gone on for a while, like longer than seven years and you’re living together, chances are that you won’t be getting a marriage proposal any time soon, if ever. You may as well face it; he’s in a comfortable situation. He has a roof over his head and he has you to meet his social and sexual needs. Why should he give up all of that and take on the responsibilities of marriage?

That is one extreme of relationships. The other is when you’ve just met someone and have only been going out for a couple of months. In this situation, you need to wait a while longer before expecting a marriage proposal and a ring. You’re still very much in that getting acquainted stage and there’s no need to rush this part.

Now, for those couples that have been with each other anywhere from a year to five years, it’s time to figure out where the relationship is going, and what each of you want from it. You’ve had time to get well acquainted with each other and should know whether or not you’re interested in spending the rest of your life together. If your man is still aprehensive on a commitment and you want the house and white picket fence, it’s time to sit down and have an open and honest conversation about where to go from there.

First, I highly suggest you have a sit down with yourself and set a realistic timeframe. What is the longest you will wait for the proposal? When will you absolutely be ready to throw in the towel?

From there you need to have a serious conversation with your boyfriend with clear and precise answers given on the future. We don’t want vague answers ” like soon” or “you know I’m going to marry you”. That will leave you more confused then before you entered the conversation. You need to hear that he plans on proposing “by the end of the year” or “when he finishes his graduate degree”, something concrete where you can look forward to and hold him accountable.

You can then determine whether his plans coincide with yours. If you guys can’t come up with a shared timeframe of the future then it might be time to cut your losses and move on. As hard as that might be, that might be your reality.

The important thing to remember is that these things usually happen when they’re meant to, and if the proposal doesn’t come within a reasonable amount of time, it probably wasn’t meant to ever happen.

Good luck!

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Are You Ready To Get Married?


With the approach of that all-important wedding month of July, more and more couples start to contemplate the thought of marriage. This is something that seems to affect more women than men because weddings are events that they we’ve been preparing for since we were young girls. The problem is that too many couples spend so much time planning the wedding that they kind of miss the fact that there is a marriage to follow.

Other couples may not be sure whether or not that they’re ready to make that trip down the aisle. If you fall into that group, whatever else you may do, you should not get married! While there may be a certain amount of nervousness surrounding a wedding however you shouldn’t be scared to be legally bounded to another person. If you’re straddling that fence and just aren’t  sure whether or not you’re ready to get married, there are some questions you can ask yourself that will help you decide if should start making wedding plans or take a step back and re-evaluate your relationship.

First of all, you need to figure out how you feel about living with someone else day in and day out, having to answer to someone else and running things by them before making any decisions. If you’re already living with your boyfriend/girlfriend and it doesn’t bother you, then this is probably not an issue. On the other hand, if you are still living in your spaces because you’re hesitant to give up all of your freedom and you find you’re attached to it then chance are that you’re probably don’t want to commit to living with someone all the time.

Making your own decisions without consulting someone else may be something that you’ve always done. When you get married, you must consider that any decision you may make will affect someone other than yourself. That might not be something you’re quite ready for.

Now, on the other hand, if you adore living with your significant other and love coming home to him/her every day, chances are good that you’re ready to make that commitment. This is also true of including someone else in your decision making. If you’re already living together and talking over things before decisions are made, you’re probably more than ready to walk down the aisle and make some serious vows to each other.

Simply put, if you love being together to the point that you cannot imagine going through an entire day without seeing each other, then you’re certainly ready for something quite serious. If the two of you are already making plans together, that’s a great sign! When you both get excited when talking about the future together, it’s time to turn those plans into something much more permanent!


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I’m Back And I Wrote A Book!

Wow!! It has been forever since I’ve written a blog post. I know I have to do better and I promise I will. While I love sharing my stories and experiences with others I had to step back and do some self reflection. I had to find out what truly motivates me and what makes me happy. When I first entered the blog world, I began blogging about beauty and fashion. Even though those two are my hobbies, beauty and fashion were just not my passion. I couldn’t motivate myself to blog about it consistently.

Through some intense “soul searching” I discovered that my passion is simply my family. My husband and my children. I would love to inspire and encourage marriages to work toward having everlasting happiness and help moms realize that they’re not alone in this chaotic world of motherhood. So what can you expect from me in the future? For one, consistent blogs. My blogs will be mainly focused on relationships/marriages and the highs and lows that come with them. You can also expect to read more posts about family life and motherhood. So I hope you stay along for the ride because there is going to be some great things coming down the pipeline that you don’t want to miss.

Speaking of the pipeline…..I have some wonderful news to share with you today. I WROTE A BOOK! Yes I did!! As I was making sure my blog/brand was going in the right direction I decided to write a relationship ebook. Now by no means will I declare that my marriage is perfect or that I’m a marriage counselor but what I can say is that I’m happy in my marriage. Unfortunately I personally know too many people that aren’t happy in their marriages. With that I was inspired to share the tools and tips that has helped my marriage over the past 8 years. So I wrote Say I Do Just Once: The Formula To Keeping The Romance Alive Forever.

The book is a super easy read and filled with some great marital advice. I guarantee that when you finish reading it you will be left feeling inspired and motivated to having a happy and lifelong marriage. Even though the book says for married couples, if you’re in a relationship you will benefit from this book too.

Ebook_Cover_quianaj_1a3DSay I Do Just Once will be released very soon, so click on the link below so you don’t miss out on it.

Until next time.


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The Pros of Marrying Young


This April my husband and I will be celebrating our 8th year wedding anniversary.

We were both 23 years old when we got married straight out of college. My mother was totally against the idea of me getting married as she thought I was too young. Although she objected I followed my heart and married my college sweetheart. Fast forwarding 8 years, looks like I made a pretty good decision, huh?

I’ve heard Wendy Williams say you shouldn’t  get married in your 20s and I believe many people feel that way too. However getting married young is definitely not for everyone but it worked out for me personally and for various reasons.

There is less baggage. The more you date, the more you experience break ups,  trust issues and past disappointments. When you marry young, there isn’t much of that as there aren’t as many exes or relationships you’ve been in. My husband was my first real and only adult relationship so there wasn’t a lot of baggage brought to the relationship.

We didn’t have any expectations. When you marry young you have no freaking clue what to expect, you’re pretty much winging the whole thing. Which is a good thing because throughout the marriage we created our own realistic expectations of each other. We were able to mold and shape each other as time went on.

Easier to blend our lives. When my husband and I graduated from college we were both very flexible about our future plans. We didn’t even know what city we wanted to live in, we just knew we wanted to be together. Neither of us had deeply established lives so it was very easy to build a new life together. The longer you live by yourself, the more set in your ways you become and that can make it difficult to join 2 lives into 1.

We didn’t have any money. Yes being broke is a pro to marrying young. Our wedding cost less than 5K and that was with help from family. We had  mismatched furniture and little to no money in our bank account. Now that we live a comfortable life, it’s rewarding to see the financial stability that we built together. When you start out with nothing, you learn to be grateful about everything.

We tackled hard issues early on in our relationship. We learned quickly that marriage isn’t some walk in the park, it’s tough!! Trust me when I say that we’ve been through the ringer and back. But marrying young allowed us to get rid of our selfish habits before they were able to become a problem. We learned that it’s not always about you and how to involve another person.

Easier to accomplish your academic and professional goals. Having a spouse by your side gives you the support you need to successfully accomplish your goals. When my husband and I got married he was in the fire academy. I was there for him helping him study for exams and proof reading his papers. When you’re married, you have more stability and are able to focus more on your goals opposed to trying to juggle a social and dating life.

What age do you think is too young to be married?

Stay tuned tomorrow for The Cons of Marrying Young.


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Stop Texting When You’re Emotional


For many of us texting has become our main form of communication, if not only. In this generation we text more than we talk. And there is question on why that is…’s super convenient. However, if we’re not careful, the texts that we’re always conveniently sending can be detrimental to our relationship. Texts are often instant and rushed, causing a mess of misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Have you ever texted your partner to tell them how mad they made you this morning? Yea…. you shouldn’t do that.

You should  NEVER text when you’re emotional!! Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve been so caught up in my feelings that my emotional texts ended up doing more damage than good.

When it’s time to have a deep and emotional conversation, each others physical presence is needed. You need to be face to face as you lose the non verbal communication (which is so important) like facial expressions and body language.

There is so much that gets lost in translation when you send a text. The person can respond with a simple ok and that can be interpreted that they have an attitude. The person can not respond fast enough and that can be interpreted that they’re ignoring you.

Now I’m not saying that texting isn’t an effective means of communication but there have to be some guidelines when texting your partner.

  • DON’T argue on text
  • DON’T assume your partner is readily accessible to answer your text
  • DON’T say anything you’ll regret
  • DON’T discuss serious matters on text
  • DO tell your partner you don’t understand something before you respond
  • DO tell your partner you’re busy but will get back to them once you have a free second
  • DO tell your partner you rather discuss the matter at home
  • DO tell your partner up front if the text requires immediate attention or if it can wait

Happy texting!!!

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Should You Have Sex On The First Date?


Your friend has set you up on a blind date with her co-worker.

You two are hitting it off, drinking and laughing.

The night has ended and he asks you “do you want to go back to my place?”

Now you guys can end up at his house and continue talking and enjoying each others company or you can take things to the next level and have hot, mind blowing sex.

You’re sitting at the dinner table freaking out thinking what should I do? Should I have sex with him on the first date?

Unfortunately there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Gone are the days where women are slut shamed for sleeping with a man on the first date. Women are now more sexually liberated than ever and they do what they feel comfortable doing. If you want to have sex, have sex!! If you don’t want to have sex, then don’t have sex!! If you have sex on the first date, have sex with no expectations because one night of passion can only have 3 outcomes.

  1. He could decide to never call you again. In his mind, you simply gave it up too easy. You’re a slut and not the type of person he wants to build a future with. He wants to feel like he caught something rare or something hard to find.
  2.  He will call you again but only for sex. He likes you but he likes having sex with you even more. Most likely he’s not ready for a serious relationship anyway so he will continue to call to see if you’re down.
  3.  He will call you again for another date. Despite the fact that you guys jumped in the sack so quickly he really likes you. He had a great time on the date and he wants to see where you guys relationship can go. He doesn’t look at you as easy, he actually loves your sexual prowess. You’re a woman who knows what she wants and you take it!

So to sum it all up, do you boo!! Do what feels right to you just be prepared for the outcome.

Do you think it’s ok to have sex on the first date?

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Have You Found Your Soulmate or Are You Wasting Your Time?


I’m a firm believer that everyone has a soulmate. There is someone out there that will bring you true and eternal happiness but what happens more often then not is that we’re wasting our time on someone that truly isn’t our soulmate. You might think your soulmate is a person that loves the same foods you love or loves the same genre of music as you do but that is furthest from the truth. Finding your soulmate is a connection that goes deeper than any superficial similarities. So you might be asking yourself how do you know if you found your soulmate? Here are 4 ways to know if you’ve found your soulmate or if you’re wasting your time.

  1. The person makes you feel complete. I know, I know how cliche is this but its so true. Your soulmate is a person that not only do you love but you actually like. When you’re with the wrong person you’re constantly walking on eggshells. When you’re together you should be in a state of peace and tranquility not chaos and drama. You trust your soulmate and feel confident and secure when you’re with them.
  2. They make you want to be better. Never once will you hear me say that being in a relationship is easy and smooth sailing. However you will hear me say that being in a relationship will push you to be a better you. Soulmates evoke an inner drive that will make you want to evolve spiritually, financially, emotionally, and mentally.
  3. You put your partner before yourself. When a couple cares more about each other than themselves, something incredible happens. Its natural for us to care about our own wants and desires over others but you should get to a point in your relationship that only caring for yourself is unfulfilling and meaningless.
  4. Good or bad news, your partner is the first person you tell. Soulmates easily connect with one another and they’re in a non judgement zone. In order to have a long lasting bond it requires honestly and most importantly……you guessed it, COMMUNICATION! You should be able to be open and transparent with your soulmate and let them see the real you. If you find yourself not being able to share your life with that person, you might want to reconsider if they’re really your soulmate.


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